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Exercise make us feel good

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How can sports and exercise help?

Sports and exercise can be a great way to release negative energy, anxiety, stress and frustration. When you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins, these make you feel happier and more energised. Exercise can also help you to sleep better.

All forms of exercise can help, you just need to find what suits you – it might be running on your own or doing a team activity or group class, a competitive sport or relaxing yoga session.

Team sports and exercise classes can be a good opportunity to make new friends and interact with others outside school for example, whereas walking or running might give you some much-needed headspace, and taking part in races, half marathons or ‘tough mudder’ type events can be an opportunity to achieve personal goals and set yourself challenges.

Doing something active can be a really good way to forget about things that have been bothering you or going round and round in your mind, even if it’s just for a short time while you are focused on your game or activity.

The routine of going to do a sport or exercise class regularly can help to make sure we don’t become isolated, withdrawn or overwhelmed with school or college work, and keeps our mind and body healthy.

Exercise can be fun and doesn’t have to cost anything – these are a few of things young people in our group enjoy:

‘skateboarding’, ‘hockey’, ‘yoga’, ‘netball’, ‘dance’, ‘swimming’, ‘walking the dog’, ‘games on the Wii’, ‘zumba’, ‘cheerleading’, ‘football’, ‘basketball’, ‘running’, ‘rock climbing’, ‘lifting weights’.