1. How would you support me?

We provide help, support or advice around mental health and emotional well-being in the form of peer led groups, mentoring and counselling.

2. What topics do groups cover?

Each group is different and is develop around your needs and interests. In the past we have run:

Young men’s music groups in Zebs, our youth centre
Community groups based around more creative or physical/ outdoor activities
Groups in schools which follow a more structured programme where you can learn about your mental health, emotional well-being and developing positive ways to cope with stress and anxiety

3. Do i need to tell my parents about accessing the service?

Generally we need consent for you to attend our groups, especially if your under 16 yrs, however if you have genuine reasons why you don’t want a parent to know we could ask for this from someone else i.e. another family member or your school. We will always be happy to discuss this with you if it is something you are concerned about.

4. How do i know which service to access?

Usually your referral will lead you into a specific service. However we do call when a referral comes in to talk about the different types of support you could access. We can also meet to discuss the support available so we can decide together what will best meet your needs.

5. Do i need to be referred or can i access the service directly?

Yes referrals are needed for our services. These can be made by parents, grandparents, carers, doctors, teachers, youth workers, school nurse, social worker or other professionals. You can also self-refer by calling us or filling in our form. However Kooth’s online services can be accessed without referrals, you just need to create a log in to enter the site.

6. When are you available to talk?

Our days and times can vary, so it would be best to call ahead (01872 222447). If no one is available you should leave your name and number and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If you feel it is an emergency, please contact your doctor.

7. What happens to the information I give you?

Mind Your Way is a confidential service which means we won’t talk to anyone else about what you tell us unless you want us to.

The only time we might have to pass on information is if you tell us something that might put you or someone else at risk of serious harm. Then we follow procedures on keeping young people safe but it would be made clear if this was going to happen.

8. Can I access more than one service?

Yes and we are happy to point you in the direction of our other services.

9. What if I’m 20+ and need support?

We support young people aged 11-19 (day before 20th birthday) but we’ll point you in the direction of another service or resource that could support you.

10. Where do I go for more information?

By browsing around our site or getting in touch with us.