Get Involved

There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved


Become a guest writer

If you’re interested in journalism or just want to share your experiences you can become a guest writer for our blog. This can be as a one off or continuous basis. And what’s great is that you don’t need to be an experienced writer as we’ll edit your posts before they go live. And once they’re live we’ll send you the link so you can share with your friends. For more information contact us.


Become a film maker with Youth In Mind

If you’re interested in producing or directing films or just want to be the star then sign up to Youth In Mind. Here HeadStart kernow and Pirate Education will help you create short films on what life is like for 10-16 year olds in Cornwall in 2018.


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Mind Your Way

Become a member of Speak Up Cornwall (formerly CAMHs YP Board)

If you’re interested in becoming  a member of the board then drop Charlotte an email.

You’ll be joining young people from across Cornwall aged 11-21 who have either experienced mental health difficulties, have a family member who has experienced mental health difficulties or we just feel passionately about mental health. It is an opportunity to have our voice heard, develop services, run health campaigns, attend training, make a difference and much more.

So far young people have worked on:

  • Creating this website
  • Making films, such as Dear Parents, Excuse and World of Science
  • Delivering workshops at conferences, such as the Anxiety Conference organised by Educational Psychologists for schools & Delivering training in schools
  • Having training such as Young Interviewers, Passport to Participation, Young Assessors, Young Trainers, Youth Health Champions
  • Health campaigns, such as Denzel’s 5 Ways to Wellbeing
And they’re currently working on a young persons passport called ‘My health and wellbeing map’ designed to stop young people having to tell their story over and over again each time they access a new service, and this way they will have ownership over their own information.


Become a member of the HeadStart Kernow Youth Board

If you’re interested in joining other 10-16 year olds from across Cornwall voicing their opinions and ideas on our services then get in touch with a member of our team and become a member of our board.


Become involved with HeadStart at school

If you’re interested in getting involved with HeadStart at school you can contact us to find out who’s the best person to talk to within your school. You don’t have to be the loudest or most confident person; all you need is the drive to make a difference to other young people’s lives.

So far young people have used their funding to:

  • Set up and run a mindfulness group to help anxious students, especially those worrying about exams
  • Make films about online wellbeing and how to thrive in the digital world
  • Support LGBTQ students in school
  • Help new pupils coming into Y7 settle in more quickly by setting up clubs, activities and support from peer mentors


There are lots of opportunities to get involved both nationally and locally such as joining your school council or college/university student union.

Check out these other projects for some more and exciting opportunities: