HeadStart Referral Route Reopening

By January 23, 2020 No Comments

As you may be aware, the HeadStart referral route-way to request support from HeadStart Youth Facilitators was paused and closed from summer 2019. Due to the overwhelming demand for support via Youth Facilitators, long waiting lists were formed. The young people added to waiting lists have now been taken onto caseloads and they are all currently being supported through HeadStart.

In order to prevent large waiting lists from occurring again, a decision has been made to reopen the referral route-way via the Early Help Hub. In order to access HeadStart Youth Facilitator support, a referral will need to be made to the Early Help Hub requesting a “Bloom” consultation for the young person. The Early Help Hub will triage the request to ensure that the most appropriate means of help and support are given, so at this stage, the Early Help Hub may or may not put this referral forward for a Bloom Professionals Consultation meeting in the young person’s locality.

At the Bloom Professionals Consultation meeting, the most appropriate support for the young person is considered. The young person can be signposted to a Youth Facilitator during this meeting or to other appropriate services at the discretion of the professionals attending, following a thorough consultation. This will be based on it being deemed appropriate for the young person, as well as the Youth Facilitator having capacity within their caseload to take a new referral.

Please note: a referral into Bloom does not guarantee support from a HeadStart Youth Facilitator. It is however the only way to access this one-to-one support going forwards.

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