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Transforming mental health services

By November 26, 2017 No Comments

You may have noticed that children and young people’s mental health has been getting a lot of attention in the media recently. The number of young people struggling with their mental health is rising and mental health services have been under-funded for years in the UK, leading to long waiting lists and difficulties getting help when you need it.

The good news is that the government have started to listen and have promised some new funding to improve services for children and young people. The NHS in each area of England has been given extra money from 2015 – 2020 to do this, in Cornwall young people have been working with commissioners to develop a plan to change things for the better and make sure that children, young people and their families can easily access the right support and information when and where they need it.

Young people have created this infographic to show the most important changes that will happen in Cornwall and IoS by 2020.

The full CAMHS transformation plan – Turning the Tide –  can be downloaded here.

Turning the Tide

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