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Who Should I Talk To?

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You might find it easiest to tell someone close to you first. This could be a friend, parent or other family member, or perhaps a friend’s parent, a teacher, youth worker, social worker or learning mentor. Choose a good time and place to confide in someone, where you feel comfortable and are not likely to be interrupted.

This might be enough to help you cope with your feelings, but if you need more support then making an appointment with your GP (family doctor), or the school/college nurse or counsellor could be your next step. You can ask someone to go with you if that feels easier.

Your GP can be a good source of help and support, GPs can offer advice, reassurance, coping strategies and possibly medication.  They can also refer you to more specialist mental health services – such as counselling or CAMHS – if they feel this would help you.

It can be a good idea to write down your feelings or concerns before you talk to someone, in case you forget what you wanted to say, or you can try using the Docready app.

Try to think about what might help you, do you just want to talk things through or do you feel you need more specialist help?

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